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Arian Cho
08 November 2023 @ 07:04 am

はじめまして! ✌️
Here's a little story about me~

a TURTLE owns my Heart~ <3

Actually it's like this:
Takano Kyohei and I was the first to get acquainted (and I reaaaally hated him at first),
but then I remembered Odagiri Ryu-senpai from high school
but it was Kanzaki Hiroto who finally took my heart away.

Yes. Kamenashi Kazuya is my ichiban in KAT-TUN but my love for Marunii and Tat-chan have grown as well..
But it's the group itself that made me want to stay here as well. (^_^)

Anyways, May 10, 2011 marked the start of me being a Hyphen, with D-Motion, being the first performance pulling me to them. Actually, I'm blaming it to Kame's *dance* lol (^_−)☆ Since then, I wasn't able to get away...

* - * - * - *

ell, does it really matter? (^,^)
I love KAT-TUN and all the drama that comes with them XD

* - * - * - *

Honestly, I ship anyone (and mind you, anything) with Kame.
AKame is my OTP. No one or nothing, nor even any situation can ever outdo this. XD
I sometimes ship NaKame and KoKame as well, KameDa as siblings lol. At one point, I shipped KameNo XD
Then, there's also the Baseball Stars Nishioka Tsuyoshi and Sakamoto Hayato who both have a close relationship with Kame. I ship Sakamoto more with Kame hahahaha

And then, of course, I still ship Kame with women.. XD He's a good player for both teams if u know what i mean. *bricked*
I ship Kame with three of his "leading ladies": Fukada Kyoko, Anne and Ayase Haruka. <3
And believe it or not, I have this "love-hate" thing towards Koizumi Kyoko or whom I call Tanders.. *bricked*
The "mysteriousness" that comes with their so-called "relationship", rumor or not, makes me really curious about them.
But with regards to Kame's happiness in real life though, I support Fukada Kyoko's relationship with him. *nods* XD

* - * - * - *

Ah! I also am into other groups, though not that thoroughly updated, within or outside Johnny's.
From Johnny's I also follow NEWS and Arashi.
But sometimes, I also listen to Hey! Say! Jump!, Tackey & Tsubasa, KinKi Kids, Kanjani and Kis-My-Ft2.
Outside Johnny's, I listen to EXILE Atsushi, EXILE, Kuroki Meisa, Anne, Nakashima Mika and Shirota Yu.

And besides falling in love with Kame, I've also fallen in love with EXILE ATSUSHI.. XD
They both have some similar traits y'know~ <3 <3 <3

* - * - * - *

Some personal bits:
-I am in my late 20s. Nevermind my age. XD
-I am a Filipina.
-I want to be in Japan soon.
-I am continuously studying the Japanese language... only by self-study though.
-I love anything strawberry and mango, especially ice cream and cake flavors. Actually, I love ANYTHING sweet. :D
-I usually write fics whenever I have my down moments, but when I'm finally okay, I totally lose the thoughts and plots and everything. (So yeah, that explains the loooooong hiatus from my fic.) But I have the prompts and plots, heck, I even have the scenes playing in my head, I just really have some difficulty with expressing it into words as of the moment though. T_T

Pardon the length. XD
Yoroshiku~ m(_ _)m
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Arian Cho
17 October 2016 @ 10:00 am
Hi guys!
I'm sorry for all the negativity from my previous posts. Too much negativity can never be good for anyone. lol

Anyways, I'm quite fine now.. (I hope.. XD) I just decided not to dwell too much on negativity and just face everything head on and with some positivity on the side. (Japan can wait. Maybe in three to four years, I'll definitely be able to achieve that dream~)


There's a hollow feeling whenever I see the line-up for the music shows and music events.
I hope KAT-TUN comes back soon!!!!! I hope they'll announce their comeback on Johnny's Countdown, so that 2017 will be a good year for KAT-TUN and us Hyphens. I miss having the giri-giri moments with the sales and promotions and all. XD

To other news, XD, fics fics FICS are still secret.. lol
Perfect Lover, unfortunately, will remain in hiatus. T^T
But to make up for it, hopefully I'll be able to post some of what I've written.
I'll update the list as soon as things at work calms down. :D


I MISS Kamenashi Kazuya, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi!!!!!!
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Arian Cho
04 July 2016 @ 05:16 pm
I just received another rejection towards fulfilling my goal towards Japan. There's this Jpop singing contest this July, and I auditioned for it, even personally handing my audition cd to the JICC here in my country. I was ecstatic and honestly, quite hopeful that I may be given the chance to join the said contest. Results were out today and sadly, my name wasn't included in the finalists. Maybe I got too excited and also well too confident that I can get in but, unfortunately, it didn't happen. The moment I saw the list of finalists, I was shaking, and tears just fell down my eyes. It hurts you know, to be rejected once again. In an instant, I felt like I returned back to the moment when the agency person told me that my visa was rejected, and back then, I was struggling to stop my tears from falling right there and then. I thought I've moved on from that hurt but I realized now, I still am not able to. Why does it have to be this painful and hurtful and arggghhhh.. I don't know what to do with myself right now.. I just...maybe, going to Japan isn't really meant for me.. That everything I've been hoping and dreaming for isn't really what's meant for me.. But then, if it's not Japan, what is meant for me?? I've been like dreaming to go there ever since I was a child, but countless times, it's just not really working. Maybe it's just high time that I give up on my dreams on going to Japan. It just hurts too much.. I can't and I don't want to go through this again and again.. :(
Arian Cho
19 June 2016 @ 08:03 pm
Hi dearies! :D
(I wonder though if anyone does read my posts? hahaha)

Anyways, it's been almost 8 months since my last post here.. A fic update post for Perfect Lover if I remember it right.. hahaha I'm a bit behind with my fics but rest assured, they'll posted soon.....I hope. haha But really, I have some fic prompts written in my handy-dandy notebook, and whenever I have inspirations, I continue writing them~ Let's just say, I'm not yet that confident in posting them all here.. But soon~ I'll be able to post them ^^

Hmmmmm... Since last year, a lot of things had happened, both in the fandom world and real life..
In the fandom world, there's:

  • KAT-TUN's surprise announcement about Taguchi's "retirement" from Johnny's

  • then came the 10Ks concert

  • which was then followed by KAT-TUN's "indefinite" hiatus T^T (which results now to totally missing them sooooo much... T^T)

And then, in the real life, hmmmm, well there's:

  • me almost commiting something that would have ended my life. Fortunately, the "positive" side of me got the better hand which made me think twice of what I was about to do...

  • then came the excitement towards KAT-TUN's concert (despite the fact that it would be their last concert as 4nin) because back then, I thought that I would be able to fly to Japan to watch it live,

  • but then, luck wasn't in my side since my visa application got denied (despite all the preparations and excitement that I've felt... Seriously, this one is the biggest cause of my depression this past two months) so I wasn't able to join my co-fangirls in Tokyo,

  • and the latest one is, *drumrolls* me almost getting sacked from work.. At first, I thought I'd only have to be in my work right now until the end of June, but *fortunately*, they extended my stay until august.. Soooo, I only have until august to find a new work.. T^T

And it's still the first half of the year. What a life I've been living.. haha *sighs* T^T
I just hope that the second half of 2016 wouldn't be so bad.. *yea, positive vibes working here* XD

I miss KAT-TUN, seriously. It's different when I see them doing individual stuff like Kame having his baseball-related stuff, Uepi doing the awesome Sports TV show and well, Maruniichan doing his superb stints in Shuichi and other shows (I love the one where he showed his apartment.. Rich!Maru desu yo~). I still flail over these three's individual stuffs, but there's the part when I really miss seeing KAT-TUN as a whole. I miss the girigiri mode during the announcements for the singles and albums releases, the flailing over how awesome KAT-TUN is as a group in TV guestings, the anticipation over their regular shows (damn, TameTabi should return once the hiatus ends! And sorry to the current hosts but, I hope KAT-TUN would be able to get back their hosting stint in SCP.. They were doing great with the show and thru SCP, they were showing their amazing side more.. T^T).

I miss KAT-TUN soooo much... It hurts not seeing them as group right now. But I know and I understand that this hiatus maybe is just what they need right now, so that they'll be able to rest their "brokenness" from being left behind.. As much as I am hurt with their hiatus, I also feel proud of them doing great as group despite being not in the "limelight" as a whole. (Yep, I'm talking about the recent news of their DVDs getting back into rankings and these three guys gathering lots of attention in their respective individual stuffs).

There's a part of me that's scared of what might happen once the hiatus ends, but for now, I am rooting for the better result, which is that these three would continue on and carry the KAT-TUN name and prove to everyone how awesome they are.

Anywaaaays, the reason why I'm still alive after all the heartaches KAT-TUN fandom has given me is because of another fandom that somehow relieved the pain of my fangirl heart...the EXILE fandom. It started when I was having thoughts of ending my life during my birth month, EXILE ATSUSHI's and EXILE's music somehow helped change those thoughts. And when the announcement came about Junno's retirement, it was ATSUSHI's song that helped me cope up with the news. I know I sound as if I'm leaving KAT-TUN for EXILE, but that's not the case. My love for KAT-TUN grew more with the help of EXILE's music. Sound weird ne? XD

So there. Right now, I'm in two fandoms, and I hope my fangirl heart survives this. haha
I'll end my ramblings here, coz I don't know what to say anymore. XD Maybe the real reason for this post is for me to finally take all the bitterness out of me and the sadness and the loneliness of fangirling. haha
Sorry for making such a long post and not entirely sure what I really wanted to point out haha

Thanks for reading though~ :D
Arian Cho
19 October 2015 @ 10:35 am
Author: ariancho
Beta: none
Pairing: AKAME
Summary: Akanishi Jin has been dumped by his girlfriend again. As he drowns himself to alcohol, he meets a rather weird and big-nosed salesman who offers him one of their company's best merchandise: a lover figure that could satisfy all of his romantic needs.

Disclaimer: Johnny-san and Go Good Records "owns" Akame, but truth is, only Akame owns Akame. *bricked*... Also, the story is based from Yuu Watase's Zettai Kareshi and the live version as well while the changes here and there are the product of my imagination XD

|| Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 ||

“I don’t know what will happen once you’re gone but… I just…”Collapse )
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